Portrait artist and printmaker Saskia Palmer’s work offers an insight into the unique quirks of British class and culture using humour, pathos and nostalgia. Vintage and iconic objects are mixed with decorative backgrounds, song lyrics and quotations. Influences include comic book, pop and street art, the Arts and Crafts movement, Kollwitz, Hogarth, Hergé and numerous classical artists.

“I love the way lino printing makes you adjust and adapt your design to suit the medium. I started to explore ways to push the boundaries and challenge the limitations imposed by experimenting with collage, jigsaw and reduction techniques to produce a more complex, 3d image and achieve a multi-coloured and layered look.”

Saskia grew up in the beautiful countryside of Worcestershire and after completing a BA (Hons) in Illustration at DMU in Leicester, she settled in Sheffield where she works from her studio and prints using a 19th Century Pawson and Brailsford book press.